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--- July 2016 >> Fast Forward || Life.Resume() ? ---

Long time not posted here .. since 2009, back at the time where I had zilion of things tio say .. as I did move lots of photographs during the last year to flickr, some people were asking for them so this is a real economy of time for me , thus #work : found some security issue in Magento, cleaned the server from several hacks, just finished the invoices generating module ( querying sage mssql database ) -> then generates nice printables pdf ( took me lot of Brain / Hour units ) so I'll catch up with telling my life to strangers on the web, anyways, I don't care, gotta head for the lake soon, meet some friends, take a swim, and fly away :) Besides .. some links and articles for the week : .. Small energy resume ( MPH style fact sheet & formulaes ) | WIP : CV format JSON/JS expandable nodes | My Flickr Gallery
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