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--- India Trip Rajasthan#4 Khuri ---

India Day #4 Khuri in Rajasthan Desert, a walk with Camels through the sanddunes waiting for the sunset to come, ate the best peanuts in my life ever, saw so many peacocks jumping into a big tree, then had a wonderful night in the desert, where some mice ate a tiny piece of bread I've left over my sleeping bag - funny animals noises in the dark

--- BCE revenu universel economie ---

BCE, revenu universel : Simple constat, si chaque citoyen européen pourrait emprunter auprès de la BCE, aux taux interbancaires actuels qui sont négatifs, cela relancerait la consommation et non l'épargne Revenu universel : une idée qui peut paraitre délirante à la base, mais si chaque citoyen recoit 50€ / mois de base, cela injecterait autant dans l'économie .. ( non épargnable, sous forme de "tickets restaurant" probable )

--- about:world news ---

4 days off .. thought the world wouldn't be that bad once back to work, terrorism in france, lot of casualties, black lives matters, trump, turkish dictatorship rising and then .. always think about that movie called "Idiocracy", here are we now .. Sometimes I hope our planet would get rid of our specie, a stable and peacefull ecosystem getting rid of its parasits, then something good shall emerge .. It takes a few people and some hours to take over 3 billion years of biological evolution .. I'm ashamed ..

--- phpoo++ notfound classes ---

#-notfound.class.php class notfound{ public $data=[];#fs, mais individuelles #appels functions not set function __call($name,$args){ #die("__CALL:".$name.":".print_r(compact('args'),1)); $name=strtolower($name); if(array_key_exists($name,$this->data))return $this->data[$name];#obj->name(); #failsafe for _ method differences $name=strtolower(str_replace('_','',$name)); $matches=[$name,'get'.$name,'set'.$name]; foreach($matches as $method) if(method_exists($this,$method))return $this->$method($args); #aliases $aliases=['gettitre'=>'getnom']; foreach($aliases as $souhait=>$exists) if($name==$souhait && method_exists($this,$exists))return $this->$exists($args); #getters, setters not found $reste=substr($name,3); if(substr($name,0,3)=='get')return $this->$reste; if(substr($name,0,3)=='set')$this->$reste=reset($args); #global namespaces functions if(in_array($name,['ajoutsessionpubaffiliation','create_centre_fiches_offre_fiche']))return; if(function_exists($name))return call_user_func(''.$name,$args[0]); #$f=__FILE__.':'.__LINE__;die('
        return $this;#anyways
    /*private function __construct(){}*/
    function __construct($p=[]){
        if(is_array($p))foreach($p as $k=>$v)$this->$k=$v;#register those parameters if passed
        #$class=static::class;if(!isset(static::$instances[$class]))static::$instances[$class]=$this;else static::$additional[$class][]=$this;
    }#register him anyways, la seconde construction ne sera pas bindée..


function load1($classname) {/*__autoload*/
  static $loaded;if(is_array($loaded)&& in_array($classname,$loaded))return;
  $f = "./". $classname .".php";
  if(is_file($f)){require_once($f);}#but the globals remains nested here forever ..
      eval("class {$classname} extends notfound{};");#;echo',nf:'.$classname;

--- PCRE php regex ---

PCRE php regex

--- Any brighter day yet ---

.. I has been a while .. a real long time since I haven't expressed in written thought in English, perhaps I would feel ashamed of my poor vocabulary or whatever some people say .. 2014 - 2015 have really been shitty years, like being throught a 600 days ++ storm .. No here it is : PHP7-FPM, brand new server, no more errors, all projects cleared, looks like a brand new shinny road ahead .. might be naive, as I'm expecting lots of good things to come for 2016

--- Back office developer Annecy ---

Développement de sites internets, back office, symfony sur Annecy : Back office developer Annecy#

--- engineering gifs ---

Engineering gifs : car des ingénieurs se sont cassés la tête à concevoir de nouvelles machines, solutions. source : http://interestingengineering.com/how-does-it-work-industrial-processes-shown-in-animations/

--- webcam annecy haute savoie ---

Quelle météo fait -il en station ? http://a74.fr/z/webcam.php

--- the martian ---

The martian ( movie where matt daemon grows potatoes on mars ) is : 15% Red Planet http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0199753 30% Interstellar : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0816692 30% Gravity : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1454468 25% Robinson Crusoe on Mars http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058530

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