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--- India Trip #2 ---

India Trip #2 Delhi -> Temple de Lakshmi -> Mandawa ( petit kaboul : des paons et des vaches partout, la voiture soulève des nuages de poussière, mosquées, maisons ( petits palais ) typiques ), proche du pakistan, de nombreuses patrouilles militaires, les Imams qui font un boucan pas possible

--- martinique dolphins ---

Dauphins de fort de france

--- India Trip #1 ---

Map for the whole trip : - Geneva - Istanbul - Delhi. We booked a driver to do the trip, as it's highly discouraged to drive yourself in this mess ..

--- India Trip Rajasthan#4 Khuri ---

India Day #4 Khuri in Rajasthan Desert, a walk with Camels through the sanddunes waiting for the sunset to come, ate the best peanuts in my life ever, saw so many peacocks jumping into a big tree, then had a wonderful night in the desert, where some mice ate a tiny piece of bread I've left over my sleeping bag - funny animals noises in the dark

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