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--- Docker Alpine Php Fpm Apache Mysql Selenium Chrome Standalon ---

Docker Image : PHP74

standalone alpine php fpm apache mysql selenium chrome headless

- Easy to configure autonomous Plug & Play virtual machine : - - Dedicaced for high performance / not that much memory avaible so available ram goes straight into caches - 1 single static php-fpm thread to get a single CPU core !! - No shutdown if any apache / php / mysql service stopped - /home folder is rsynced with the mapped "home2" folder for better php performance - Mysql data persists in volume : /z/mysql/1 - One single static phpFpm thread ( in order to tune the performance ) - Standalone selenium server + headless Chrome for behat / integration tests - Empty memory usage ( with php, apache, mysql, selenium started is : 144 Mo ) - #Recipe : #to build the image docker build -t php74 .; #put it up with volumes and linked files docker-compose up -d php; #enter the machine docker exec -it php bash; #re-start the services ( in cache of apache.conf, php.ini, init.sh modifications ): docker exec -it php bash init.sh; #know what's going on docker exec -it php top To remove intermediate containers created : docker rm -f $(docker ps -aq);

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