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--- Peace & Progress ---

Peace & Progress

Right, we shall help each others in order to build a better future

- Maintain peace by any means necessary, finance actual "PeaceKeeper" & "Peace Preacher", even if some of those are religious one
- Philosophy is far more better than religion, teach people all religion's lies

Bypass any commercial banks, make central banks buy loans & mortgages of people's, states
Make democracy true & get all bandits ( guess it's kindof 80% of all politic personnal within each country of this world ) in jail

- Finance technological progress ( now depending on materials ) ex : a 18 yo college student invented a really nice supercapacitor able to power phone, charging in 20 sec, what about cars, planes, anything else ? Screw all private companies patents if they're not willing to use them. lot of "green" technologies are just blocked by "oil companies & nuclear lobbies", furthermore including banks & offshore companies

- Finance green energy developpement, get rid of petrol & what it's actively supporting : petrodollars, war based economy

- Unite peoples & get rid of extremists (religious, social, xenophobic, racists, civil intolerance)
- Organise demonstrations like in egypt, where the army pleaded allegiance to the people, 14 milions are enough ?

- Stop global warming, cuz it's really getting worst than anything we've ever seen
- Put employment agencies in touch with real people skills, get then close to home jobs, get the whole worldwide economy local based ( stop producing in china where it could be produced locally, less pollution then )
- Put as well education in touch with people to teach them the real- required jobs in the economy

- Get trade agreement between countries fair ( so many unbalance with USA having the dollar maintained by dollar based oil trade & all those countries gold stored in their federal reserve, hummm.. not this fair ... & China devaluating their currency to export more of their toys .. )

- True gold or precious metal based currency shall have no fluctuation problems, like lybian were going to do so ( & thus perturbing dollar currency ) before nato strikes in order to put a fundamentalist governement in place ... hummmm hummmm

- Everyone can be in, that's kindof philosophy which action shall be likely to the united nations, for the people, unlimited in power, because there are never been any gods above us

Look at the one who benefits currents skirmishes / tensions / wars : banks, weapons dealers, rich people having offshore companies who have a feet in all this blood bath

Haven't you ever wondered in your youth that their shall be flying cars, no more religion, and this wolrd shall be united within a single banner in 2000 ?

Do you realize how much we are far from what should have been real then ?

Time for people to really open their eyes and stand against everything that would lead us to a real global disaster

Actions are really simple : leak any information if you're in a place to do so, & you don't really want to back up all of these exactions, because in the end, most of us are currently doing so : supporting everything that's really bad by non-acting, it's people responsibility to do so, do you really want your children to have a better future than this ? Act Now

As in the end, there's always alternatives & option, and nothing goes really the way we thought, let's give it a try, there's has been so much revolutions starting with just a little spark .. quite normal to feel "angry" with all of this, because, we really should uprise against our "democracies" in the end .

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