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--- Climate change actions ---

Here are ways to fight back climate change .. - Jeff Bezos gaved 7.7% of his wealth in order to fund various climate change actions, but no one knows what's really happening with those fundings .. Hence we'll focus here on the main human fingerprint reducing ( energy production based ) First mission : promote nuclear fusion development - if we compare the fundings towards banks in the crisis of 2008, and coronavirus banknote pritings which led to massive bitcoin value increase, whose mining process isn't ecologic at all .. with the same funding, that goal would have been achieved in the seventees .. meaning there wouldn't be at all fossil fuel and coal based global warming at all since 50 years ... ( that goal could be achieved in Civilization Games series for example .. ) Secondary mission : if no one wants to see that goal achieved there's a cheaper alternative : Molten Salt tiny reactors ( saying nuclear often frightens people .. ), but this provides us at least 1000 years of clean fuel for all your 7 bilion people various usages .. Third mission : is to prevent deforesting at maximal levels .. protecting rainforest is the main priority here since planetary lungs are still being destroyed right now 4th) Preventing fuel usages / reducing transportation and various energy usage : what about massive diesel usage in sea transportation .. are those goods and cruises that necessary ?? 5th) Promote various clean planetary geo-engineering based on their ROI, such as : plant trees ( some japanese trees are the most efficient greenhouse gazes traps ever ) - co2 entrapment chemistry at the very emission basis - cloud seeding yachts - paint it white ( albedo effect on urban areas )
Act for climate now

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