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--- Fake News ---

Guerre de la désinformation au 21ème siècle, collection de toutes les fake news créee de toute part par la russie, qui veut une europe désunie et faible .. source : http://www.france24.com/fr/20171221-fake-news-retro-russie-ukraine-internet-rapport-europe

--- about:world news ---

4 days off .. thought the world wouldn't be that bad once back to work, terrorism in france, lot of casualties, black lives matters, trump, turkish dictatorship rising and then .. always think about that movie called "Idiocracy", here are we now .. Sometimes I hope our planet would get rid of our specie, a stable and peacefull ecosystem getting rid of its parasits, then something good shall emerge .. It takes a few people and some hours to take over 3 billion years of biological evolution .. I'm ashamed ..

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