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--- Super Backup Pro ---

*** Main Program Features *** 1) Read disk MBR for filemtime, filesize of files having similar indexes files on destination medium ( don't have to read for each file its properties ) 2) If no difference between backup and real files, skip - If difference, replace 3) Add small files to a RAM write buffer ( so the operation goes faster or append them locally to an "archive" to save destination filespace ( depending on node size .. )) 4) Isolate Core System Files for "system backup" 5) Programs and respective "configurations" 6) User documents 7) Photos & Films apart 8) "Diverse, not recognized backup" 9) FTP mirroring This enable the user, per example, only to restore his system, keeping the rest ..

--- best alternative to sugarsync ---

I've been a long time user of sugarsync "free" version, one of it's top feature was custom file / directory mirroring + collaborative folders sharing & edition, on multiple devices.. This far I haven't managed to map a shared folder with skydrive on another person computer .. bitcasa doesn't update files within those .. Google drive does .. & you can create "LS" directories ( symbolic links ) to real directories to do as sugarsync used to do !=)

--- tabbed ultra search ---

windows explorer evolutions add Astrogrep : http://i.snag.gy/G070Q.jpg and Ultra Search within "search" ( as a "pop-up" or tiny toolbar buttons ) : http://i.snag.gy/FIrrv.jpg Tabbed explorer : qttabbar or clover : http://i.snag.gy/0fOnL.jpg With functionnality : Magnetise two windows together as left, right, bottom or top panel on dragover Wordtabs with "online backup" : http://i.snag.gy/dfJc9.jpg ex : explorer & notepad++ : http://i.snag.gy/6VRKJ.jpg

--- Better Windows 8 ---

Better Windows 8 : In order to make windows experience better - Alternative partition boot option ( loads a HBCD Mini-XP with full network usage, logmein & teamviewer included ) - UltraSearch : search for files using the MFT ( much more rapid than windows search, allowing a duplicate files removal, symbolic links and junction creation for these ones, or simple removal ) - AstroGrep ( search regexp into files ) into top right explorer window Multiple Clipboard ( allowing 50 history states for copy/paste, ordering by date/type of data ) Automatic Smart warnings on hard drive usage Automated ddrescue GUI ( to clone a failing drive .. ) SyncBack ( with ftp support somehow to perform crypted online backup ) Allowing to isolate : - system & drivers backup - user's customisations and settings - applications and settings backup - videos & pictures backups - documents backup - miscenaleous backup System shrinker ( allowing it to take less space on the disk, removing non necessary files, allowing a backup of those ) QtTabBar or Clover or Alternative Explorer ( explorerXP has nice features ) Primo Cache ( checking battery presence, using Ram efficiently to cache Most Accessed Files & reduce hdd usage ) Webshots desktop build 20080815 Ccleaner Mbam Process Hacker WordTabs Rainlendar Chrome && firefox including adblock OpenOffice && Thunderbird

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